About Us

IDC have been specializing in consulting and computer services since 1994,from the year of its creation, IDC have been focusing mainly on the Business to Business market.

Founded by professionals with highly qualified skills, IDC has consolidated its know-how on important projects, significant technological and organizational complexity, developing a design approach that allows you to finalize the IT investment not just in technical infrastructure, but also in focusing on efficient objectives in the business processes of the company.

As part of the Office Automation experience in CRM, in Security and Outsourcing, IDC has sought to deliver increasing and innovative solutions to give a concrete response to the growing needs of the market to allow the optimization of connecting the back office operations to report activities of the end-users (front office).

The guidelines on which the company was founded have allowed our continuous development and are still inspired by a fundamental concept: That is to put customer satisfaction and development of its business as the key to strategic choices.

Our approach that is characterized by consulting, projects and products from highly innovative hardware and software, resulted from the continuous reinvestment of human resources and infrastructure to ensure reliability and responsiveness of the proposed solutions with the highest professional quality standards.

The Confirmation of our attention to providing high technology and quality products and consulting is underlined by the achievement of ISO 9001 Certification (TUV – ISO 9001:2000 Certificate N° 50 100 2822)

The scenario is completed by certifications at the highest levels achieved by its staff.