Identity & Security

Security is a complex issue that must be addressed through a comprehensive and integrated approach. The data, processes and business methods are a real "asset" needing to be preserved and protected. 
Our professional services will help you in planning, in the short and /or medium to long term, the necessary investment for the company to allow you to adopt progressively, tools for the organization of the control and security management.

We can work with you at the stage when you are assessing the security strategy that's right for your company size, offering a complete and consolidated methodology. 
We can provide you with many years of experience, to facilitate the identification of the main sources of risk and possible consequences, through the application of specific methods and tools. 
We are ready to act quickly to help you solve any problem of contingent security and and assist you in activating a solution to avoid any recurrence in future.

Our synergistic approach to the implementation of a Security Strategic Plan is built on the following action plan:

    Strategic Security Plan

Internal Security


External Security

Define internal policies governing Acceptable Use, Access Control and Authentication.

Establish a plan to manage secure means of Authorization in order to gain access to resources.

Implement Auditing and Accounting mechanisms to allow monitoring of proper use of Information Systems to enforce the policies and strategies implemented.

Define, Design and Implement a comprehensive Backup and Recovery strategy to safegaurd your data from accidental deletion or loss in the event of disaster.


Reduce the potential surface of attack from external threats by reducing the exposure of your applications and data to the internet and ensuring the proper approach is taken to provide access to those resources that MUST remain exposed to the outside world.

External Systems Penetration Testing to ensure that exposed services are correctly secured offering strong methods of encryption and authentication.